• Most startups and well-established companies share a profile of their founder, which often adds further context for the venture. With some reluctance, this text was scripted with the awkward goal of sharing some of this information. I’m Brandon Kline and I helped set this company into motion. I spent my childhood in Richmond, living in the Tuckahoe district and graduating from Trinity High School. I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Elon University, majoring and minoring in the fields of Business Administration, International Studies, and Philosophy (substantial time was simultaneously dedicated to wagering on sports, playing wiffleball & beer pong, and playing intermural soccer on the Nuggets squad). After graduation, I got a bigger backpack and journeyed across the pond to Europe, spending a year traveling and working. Then, I traded the big backpack for a small briefcase and spent more than four years working for John Deere in the Commercial & Consumer Equipment division. I managed different mass channel territories and primarily focused on residential equipment designed to make long grass short. I resided in Richmond, followed by several years in Dallas.
  •  I then decided to step on this unstable path called entrepreneurship.  There are so many different experiences that have come to shape me as a person and, as a result, me as a businessman.  The information below was requested on a few occasions and is detailed to provide an open glimpse into what has likely intentionally or unintentionally shaped some of my perspective through the first 34 years:                                                                                                                                                  I began to travel as a student in:  South Africa studying the AIDS epidemic; Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia studying their economies and financial markets; Ireland studying their literature and history; New Zealand studying their hospitality and tourism industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I began community activism when making commitments to: a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship, a faith community, a rural assisted living center, an underprivileged sports camp, and an urban juvenile detention center.                                                                                                                                                     Some personally significant memories in nature include a(n): aerial view of Victoria Falls, berry farm in Ashland, baboon ambush in Cape Town, boat on Lake Tahoe, braves on warpath, bull run in Pantoja, bungee jump into Waikato River, cabin in Great Smoky, camp on Blue Ridge Parkway, drive on Big Sur, dugout canoe on Okavango Delta, elephant charge in Botswana, excursion in Galapagos Islands, farm near Salzburg, glider flying near Sydney, hike in Interlaken, hitchhike in Norwegian fjords, jet ski in Lake Anna, kayak in Martha's Vineyard, hostel in Edinburgh, life preserver in Chesapeake Bay, market at Pike Place, meander through Old Tallinn, mission in Soweto, mule ride in Grand Canyon, music at Wolf Trap, paddleboard at Virginia Beach, parasail on Bali coast, presidential meeting in Costa Rica, raft on New River, resort in Penang, run around Ayers Rock, scuba dive at Great Barrier Reef, ski in Breckenridge, stargaze at Lake Gaston, stroll through Cinque Terre, surf at Wollongong, street hockey behind Robins Center, swim at Hurricane Harbor, tailgate in Margaritaville, tractor in Sarasota, tube in the Guadalupe, vacation at the Outer Banks of Carova, wakeboard in the James, and watching the sunset anywhere ...    
  • I grew passionate about water for a countless number of reasons, but this is a fair starting point: Like everyone else, I grew up connecting with water on many different levels. My best memories as a kid seemed to have water as a major influence generally due to the time spent netting crayfish and salamanders in the neighborhood creek, participating in social sporting activities by the local river, and making regular trips to the beaches along the East Coast. So, I've always felt a strong connectedness to water and I've grown to enjoy most activities involving water. I then became increasingly aware of how many global issues are related to water and our utilization of it. I saw the strain caused on water tables when crops aren’t optimally positioned relative to the local climate. I saw the dire straits that exist when people lack our most fundamental need. But, I also saw rainwater being collected and used, not only for the most primitive household needs, but also to irrigate and fill swimming pools. I had showered with unfiltered rainwater in the Australian outback; I saw the positive monetary and lifestyle effects of rainwater harvesting (within homes, jails, schools, etc).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               From castle moats and Roman aqueducts to squirt guns and water balloons, history continues to echo the pivotal role water plays in defense. As I continued to grow more fascinated by the role of water in my life and in the life of our more global society, I also became more and more cognizant of the vulnerability we all have in water related events: chemical or oil spills, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and typhoons. Even earthquakes are often caused by fluctuations in the water table. I eventually began to ask why in the 21st century so many people are lacking water and why about half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by patients lacking clean, accessible, and disease-free water. Often underground of those dying from a lack of water, sits an untapped source of what they desire most. It seems civilizations have an obligation to create sustained synergy between water supplies and water demands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I'm not naïve enough to believe that I'm likely to help save the world, but once I realized that I couldn’t walk on water and I couldn’t get a company to walk on the metaphorical water, I decided to just start paddling anyway.                                          After visualizing what my life would be like in the absence of water, the reoccurring question became, “Why act later, when I can act now?” The same question surfaced when I evaluated my desire to launch production for this uniquely designed beach shirt. This, I decided, was a sufficient starting point …. and I decided to act now.