What does your shirt say about you?

What if it said this ...

I like a shirt that's stitched with local craftsmanship and styled for the coast.
I like a shirt that's a snap to put on and take off when it matters the most.
I like to sport a shirt that looks and feels different from the apparel others debut.
I like to wear a shirt that's durable, lightweight, and practical for activities in an outdoor venue.
I ensure that no chemicals were used in growing the bamboo plant, later used to construct my shirt.
I supply drinking water to places where, due to natural disaster or extreme poverty, there was just untapped dirt.
I leave the water supply relatively untouched with this shirt's production and packaging enclosures.
I wear a logo that displays my patriotism to the planet, my allegiance to our environment and its many shores.


                                                                       AND WATER TO THE COMMUNITY, ONE SHIRT AT A TIME.