Why Bamboo?

Because the shirts are designed to be worn extensively outdoors, many considerations were made regarding their construction. The shirts have been made from a viscose comprised of 100% bamboo fiber. Although bamboo can be manufactured into a fabric that offers numerous advantages, it's rarely been utilized in the construction of beachwear. In addition to being strong and durable, bamboo fiber is well suited for the outdoors because it's:




  • Anti-Microbial .... as a plant, bamboo is odor free and naturally prevents bacteria cultivation to the extent that it doesn't require pesticides during maturation (meaning a garment woven from bamboo fiber usually stays more fresh, requiring less washing)
  • Anti-Static .... covers without clinging
  • Eco-Friendly .... bamboo has the fastest growth cycle of any woody plant, is a soil enricher, is farmed (not stolen from pandas) without any pesticides (most of which contain petroleum as a key ingredient), helps prevent erosion, enhances CO2 vs. O2 levels, and bamboo thrives on rainwater and not irrigation
  • Lightweight .... extremely breathable and soft like silk or cashmere
  • Quick Drying …. dries quickly
  • Thermal Regulating …. keeps one cooler during the day, warmer at night
  • Ultraviolet Resistant …. offers some protection against the sun
  • Water Absorbent …. typically wicks water and sweat away from the body faster than cotton based fabrics

The Savannah History Museum, in the heart of cotton country and close to where the cotton gin was invented, posts that: bamboo is the trendiest fabric of the 21st century. The popularity of bamboo stems from being environmentally sustainable, having the softness of silk, eliminating 70% of bacteria, wicking moisture away 3-4 times quicker than cotton, staying 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures, and being biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

We’re VERY confident that the fabric used to make your Natural Border shirt will set it apart from the rest of the clothes in your closet. Just give it a wear!