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Life itself is “natural” and each of us has a unique “border” that defines who we are as individuals. Our lives are built on a series of shared and unshared experiences and this business was bred in some sphere in between. The generations that came before brought us our life, and it's through life that we're given opportunity, and it's through opportunity that we can commit ourselves to the next generations. Beneath the surface, this section of the website might provide a way for our community to understand some of what led this company to this place, within this time, and influenced by this context.






SUNRISE                          NOON                              SUNSET                            MIDNIGHT

The painting above was created by the Natural Border team to serve as a reminder of the many paths we often face and the need to look at the landscape under a different light. In the painting there's a straight ahead path, a crooked path, and a path that appears to more abstractly pass through a room and archway. The circle overhead symbolizes whatever is used as guidance. The team painted this to provide a visual representing the ever-present need to chart and navigate a path, whether it currently exists or not. A new business is constantly faced with decisions that lead down divergent paths; how a business chooses to chart and guide its path is of the upmost importance …. as is, enjoying the passage of time.


Beginning a new company isn't easy, but easy isn’t what a new business is often expecting. The Natural Border experience wouldn't be possible without a large contingency of support. Family, friends, and neighbors near and far have provided the light that illuminates the path. You became the dream focus group, helped chart the Natural Border path, and the future is bright with y’all as allies. Your patience was very much appreciated and a seriously big THANK YOU is sent your direction!



Natural Border began with a mission to contract as much help locally and through direct relationships as possible. There are so many in the community who've dedicated time and enthusiasm along this road. A deep feeling of gratitude resonates from each of your efforts; apologies are sincerely extended if anyone hasn’t been given special mention. The section below shines a spotlight on a list of some experts who've shared their expertise along this journey:

Art: Amy Snow

Brand Consultant: Stephen Kline 

Commerce Consultant: Thomas Pence, Christin Urso

Communications Consultant: Ben Pence, Laura Urso, Will Winslow

Community Consultant: Jennie Holsinger, Gerald Jones, Whitney Worrell

Education Consultant: Katie Kline, Maggie Mateja, Shelley Pence

Environment Consultant: Cabell Brand, Rachel Pence

Financial Consultant: Chip Gerstenmaier, Chase Hill, Logan Waters

Garment Engineering: Bibs Barber, Jeoff Bodenhorst, Robyn Dicks, Cynthia Picklesimer

Graphic Design: Porter Smith-Thayer

InSight Creative: Danny Woodruff

International Consultant: Remi Basior, Annabelle Blais, Bruce Kline, Francisco Luzzi, Joe Moreno

Inventory Consultant: Susan Pence, Jeff Workman

Legal Consultant: Jay Keeton, Brad McLain

Logistics Consultant: Matt Lyle, Brian Mateja, Adam Newman

Market Consultant: Jane Rothrock, Joannie Vakos

Photography: Susanna Patton, Luke Templeton, Scott Vakos

Service Consultant: David Keeton, Chris Reyes, Jarrett Rice

SEO: Brian Kelleher

Style Consultant: Drew Miller, JJ Reed

Transport Consultant: Mike Coleman

Videography: Luke Templeton  (narration: Jaclyn & Brian Witthoefft, Catherine & Chuck Powell, Brian Pontius, Chris Aycock)

Water Purification Consultant: Philip Urso

Web Development: RTS Labs


The shirt size worn during the photo shoot is provided to help with some additional visual guidance regarding the fit.


Gottfried (5'9") in an XL


John (6'2") in a L

Josef (5'9") in a L

Kelly (5'10") in an XS

Niki (5'11") in an XS

Philip (6'6") in an XXL