• It’s a “snap” to put on or take off this long-sleeved shirt .... the shirt’s unique versatility makes it practical attire for your next adventure. It’s perfectly suited for a boating excursion, a casual business meeting, spending the evening at a museum, enjoying a night at the ballpark, or watching a concert at your local amphitheater. Avoid a fashion crime wherever you go! The sleeves can be rolled up and snap secured for an even cooler feel. This shirt is the backstage pass, the bottle service, the five star resort, the front row seat, the hospitality tent, the penthouse suite, the red carpet treatment, the rock star parking, the sideline credential, the VIP section …. maybe it’s not, but hopefully it’ll make you feel like it is most of the time.

    Please remember that even though the sizes are mostly shaped according to standard men’s sizes, they're intended to fit the female customer optimally as well. Download the Sizing Chart here

    Until we meet again, keep smiling and keep enjoying the outdoors.  GIDDY UP!!


    1. IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE SO, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE SIZING CHART.  THE BAMBOO FIBER CAUSES THE SHIRTS TO SHRINK, BUT THE MEASUREMENTS PROVIDED ARE AFTER SHRINKAGE.  In other words, the shirt will initially be larger before shrinking into the standard men's sizes you're expecting (you'll wear the size typically worn in men's sizes; it'll just arrive a little big since it wasn't preshrunk at the factory).  Please remember that even though the sizes are mostly shaped according to standard men’s sizes, they're intended to fit the female customer as well. Women have generally reported wearing one size smaller than their size typically worn in women's clothes (ie. a women's "medium" is often similar to a Natural Border "small").  Please keep in mind that shirts that have been laundered aren't returnable unless there's a defect. Download the Sizing Chart here
    2. Because Natural Border operates in Virginia, sales tax is collected from residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The shipping costs reflect costs incurred directly from shipping priority service with the United States Postal Service and handling (international costs are higher due to the necessary costs of registering the mail all the way to the customer's door).
    3. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SUPPORT THE NATURAL BORDER COMMUNITY! YOUR PATRONAGE IS VALUED AND PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US AT ACCESS@NATURALBORDER.COM TO SUMBIT PHOTOS OF YOU IN YOUR NEW FAVORITE SHIRT.  It’s always great to hear from those in the community, including stories relating to how you found the Natural Border shirt useful.  Natural Border doesn't do a lot of intensive mail list initiatives at the moment, but that definitely doesn't mean we don’t want to stay in touch and hear about how you’re engaging your surroundings.